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So who has the cheapest auto insurance?

We get asked this question often, but sadly there is no good answers. Who has the cheapest car insurance is going to depend on many factors. Such as:

  • who has the cheapest auto insuranceYour driving record
  • Type of insurance
  • Location
  • Your vehicle
  • Your Age
  • Your Gender

Estimating who’s going to have the cheapest auto insurance for you is much harder then it sounds. There’s hundreds of factors that go into determining pricing for insurance, and each company has their own unique formula. This makes calculating car insurance premiums much harder than it sounds. So you might be thinking

How do I find the cheapest auto insurance?

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is price shopping. Using our insurance comparison tool above is the easiest way to compare insurers near you and nationally.

Comparing car insurance providers is the is the single best way to get the cheapest car insurance you can. There’s a few tips we can share with you how to save more money on auto insurance; but comparison shopping will amount to up to 70% of all savings!

Finding the cheapest car insurance

To get started we recommend comparing at least 3-5 insurance companies. The more insurance companies you can compare the more you’ll save. Comparing insurance companies has never been easier; all you need to do is put your zip code above and our price engine will do the work for you.

Which type of car insurance is the cheapest?

There’s many types of car insurance, like full coverage car insurance, no deposit car insurance and comprehensive coverage.

The type of auto insurance you buy will depend on what type of protection you want, and the state you live in. In general full coverage is the best coverage you can get. It’s also one of the most expensive types of coverage. No deposit car insurance is very cheap insurance; but it’s coverage is basic.

So whether you get some full coverage car insurance or some very cheap car insurance no deposit will depend on how much protection you need, or can afford!

Talking with an insurance agent

We recommend comparison shopping for insurance online; but talking with an insurance agent is always recommended. An insurance agent may be able to help you find insurance discounts you’re eligible for but may not know about. They’ll also be able to help you pick the best amount of coverage for your situation; so you don’t overbuy insurance.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance – Recap

That’s it! Follow the steps above and you’ll be able to find who has the cheapest auto insurance near you; but also more importantly who has the best coverage for you! Remember finding the best deals is all about comparison shopping. So compare as many insurers as you can if you want the best deal on auto insurance.